ExtJS 2.2 Release

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ExtJS 가 2.1 에서 2.2 로 업데이트 되었습니다.
Ext.form 에서 데이터 전송시 IE에서 폼이 사라지거나 틀이 깨지는 문제가 수정된 듯 합니다.
하지만 2.2에서는 무슨문제인지 iframe 안에 TabPanel 이나, Toolbar가 있을경우 정상적으로 표현되지 못하는 문제가 있더군요.

그래서 2.1 소스에서 2.2 의 Ext.form 부분만 가져와 사용하고 있습니다. 무엇이 문제인지는 조금더 확인을 해봐야 할 듯 합니다.

아래는 Extjs.com 에 있는 릴리즈 노트를 그대로 가져왔습니다. 시간나시는분들은 번역해보시길~!!

Release Notes for Ext 2.2.0

Release Date: August 4, 2008
Current Version: 2.2.0 (rev 2547)
Previous Version: 2.1.0 (rev 2042)


  • Full Firefox 3.0 support
  • Added Ext.History component and sample
  • Completely refactored Checkbox and Radio controls
  • Added CheckboxGroup and RadioGroup components and sample
  • Added MultiSelect and ItemSelector extensions and sample
  • Added FileUploadField extension and sample
  • Added XMLTreeLoader extension and sample
  • Added several new Drag-and-Drop samples
  • Added GMapPanel extension and sample
  • Grid performance improvements
  • Many general improvements and bug fixes
  • Extensive documentation improvements
  • Various locale file updates

Change Log

  • Adapters
    • Ext Base
      • Added UTF-8 to defaultPostHeader to support international char sets properly
  • Ext.core
    • Ext
      • New properties for isGecko2 and isGecko3
      • Updated useShims property to be Gecko2-only on Mac
      • Fix for isArray and array check fix in Ext.each
    • Ext.Element
      • Event registration improvements
      • Updated Gecko/Mac overflow auto fix to be scoped to Gecko2 only
      • Shim border fix for IE8
    • Ext.EventManager
      • Event handler registration logic refactored to fix DOM leak issues
    • Ext.Updater
      • Now extends Ext.util.Observable
      • New overrideable getDefaultRenderer method
      • Fix in update method to preserve passed in config options correctly
  • Ext.data
    • Ext.data.Connection
      • New disableCachingParam config
    • Ext.data.Record
      • Fixed type coercion bug in isModified
    • Ext.data.Tree
      • New Node.isExpandable method
  • Ext.util
    • Ext.util.ClickRepeater
      • Fixed scope issue when unregistering interal event handlers
    • Ext.util.Date
      • Various date format fixes
    • Ext.util.Format
      • Fix in htmlDecode to handle ampersands correctly
      • New nl2br (newline to BR) function
    • Ext.util.History
      • New component
    • Ext.util.KeyMap
      • Added stopEvent as a valid config option for the addBinding method
  • Ext.widgets
    • Ext.Button
      • Fixes to minimize mouse handlers created on buttons
    • Ext.Component
      • New initPlugin method for more flexible plugin initialization
      • Fix to ignore state events if stateful=false
    • Ext.Container
      • Updated onDestroy to call destroy on the container's layout if available
      • Fixed default scope passed to the cascaded function in Container.cascade
    • Ext.DatePicker
      • Marked constrainToViewport config as deprecated (it's not currently used)
      • Changed disabledDaysText and disabledDatesText to default to "Disabled" instead of ""
      • New configs for minDate, maxDate, disabledDays, disabledDaysRE and disabledDates
      • New methods setDisabledDates, setDisabledDays, setMinDate and setMaxDate
      • New showToday config to show/hide the Today button and footer
      • Fixed selectToday to check for disabled Today button before changing the date
    • Ext.DataView
      • New mouseenter and mouseleave events
      • New trackOver config to enable mouse events
      • Fix in getNodes to calculate the end node correctly
    • Ext.Editor
      • New canceledit event
      • Fixed issue with TriggerField editors not blurring correctly on key navigation
      • Fixed editor wrapper element scrollbar issue in FF2/Opera
    • Ext.PagingToolbar
      • Added beforechange and change events and changePage method
      • Fixed handling of 0 entered into the page field
    • Ext.Panel
      • Change to set ownerCt on buttons added to panels
      • Fix for FF2/Mac scroll bar issue on contained items
      • Fix panel disabling support in IE
      • Fixed in destruction order of internal components
    • Ext.ProgressBar
      • Fix to only attempt progress updates if rendered
      • Added support for the text config in the wait method
      • Fix for preserving the proper progress width in ratio to the value on resize
    • Ext.QuickTips
      • Added autoRender support to fix initial display issues
    • Ext.Resizable
      • Change to render the resize proxy to the document body instead of as a sibling to its element so it doesn't interfere with Component position calculations
    • Ext.Slider
      • New dragging property and changecomplete event
      • Fixes for slider with minValue != 0
      • Fix for preserving the proper thumb position in ratio to the value on resize
    • Ext.StatusBar
      • Fix for setting the proper default icon on clear
    • Ext.TabPanel
      • Fix to position the tab strip spacer element correctly for tabPosition bottom
      • Fix for FF3 to raise the contextmenu event correctly on tab strip right-click
    • Ext.Tip
      • Fixed IE7 repaint bug on initial show
    • Ext.Toolbar
      • Fix in addField to add the fields to the items collection rather than the Toolbar items
    • Ext.Window
      • Added doLayout call on resize
    • Ext.dd.DDCore
      • Fixed null error in isValidHandleChild
    • Ext.dd.ScrollManager
      • Fix to enable overriding scroll frequency in the scroll config object
    • Ext.dd.StatusProxy
      • Fix to remove float style from ghost elements when adding them to the proxy to prevent proxy box collapse
    • Ext.form.Checkbox
      • Completely refactored to support new visual styles
    • Ext.form.CheckboxGroup
      • New component
    • Ext.form.DateField
      • New showToday config to show/hide the Today button and footer on the associated DatePicker
      • New methods setDisabledDates, setDisabledDays, setMinValue and setMaxValue
    • Ext.form.Field
      • Fix to prevent initializing the data value to emptyText
      • Fix to preserve the originalValue on init
      • Fix for odd FF/Win issue when changing OS window focus that disabled editing
      • Change to default error messages to basic tooltips if no field container el is available
    • Ext.form.FormPanel
      • Change to make the form tag into the panel's body element
    • Ext.form.HtmlEditor
      • Scoped disabling the font, link, lists and source edit buttons to Safari2 only (Safari3 is OK)
      • Various fixes to improve initialization
      • Fix to prevent multiple event handlers from being setup (resolved double line break issue in IE)
      • Fixed issue of IE allowing toolbar commands to apply to content outside the editor body
    • Ext.form.Label
      • Added setText method
    • Ext.form.TextArea
      • Fixed onKeyUp not calling its superclass method
    • Ext.form.TimeField
      • Fix for broken field on DST boundary dates
    • Ext.form.TriggerField
      • Fix for trigger icon alignment to field in IE
      • Fixed missing scope to properly remove the document mousedown handler after mimicing blur
    • Ext.form.Radio
      • Completely refactored to support new visual styles
    • Ext.form.RadioGroup
      • New component
    • Ext.form.TextField
      • Fix for selectOnFocus support
      • Fixed broken key filtering when using maskRe in non-FF browsers
    • Ext.grid.ColumnModel
      • Fixed configchange event declaration name typo
    • Ext.grid.EditorGrid
      • Fix to align editors correctly with mixed-height row content
      • Fixed bug in preEditValue that prevented html decoding when needed
      • Added onDestroy method to clean up column model's editors on destroy
    • Ext.grid.GridPanel
      • New deferRowRender config
    • Ext.grid.GridView
      • New configs for controlling cell and row selector class and depth
      • Fixes to sync the invisible focus element on row add/remove actions
      • Moved some rendering logic to afterRender (improved performance)
    • Ext.layout.BorderLayout
      • Added destroy method to clean up splitbars created by layout
    • Ext.layout.ColumnLayout
      • Target size calculation fix for IE
    • Ext.layoutContainerLayout
      • Added support for subclass destroy functions
    • Ext.menu.Item
      • Improved tolerance for mousing from a menu to its submenu without dismissing the submenu too quickly while passing over other menu items
    • Ext.menu.Menu
      • New ignoreParentClicks config to ignore clicks on menu items with child menus
    • Ext.menu.TextItem
      • Updated constructor to support config object in addition to just text
    • Ext.tree.TreeDragZone
      • Fix to honor the hlDrop config on invalid drop repair
    • Ext.tree.TreeDropZone
      • Fixed highlight calls to check enableFx first to avoid possible errors
    • Ext.tree.TreeEditor
      • Fixed editor alignment to node when autoScroll is on and the node is outside the scroll area
    • Ext.tree.TreeLoader
      • Fixed type coercion bug in isLoading
      • Updated createNode to support new TreePanel.nodeTypes
    • Ext.tree.TreeNode
      • New getLoader method
      • Fixed null error in destroy when no child nodes present
    • Ext.tree.TreeNodeUI
      • Refactored internal support for Ext.data.Node.isExpandable
    • Ext.tree.TreePanel
      • Ability to specify dataUrl or a TreeLoader config in addition to a TreeLoader instance
      • New nodeTypes support for more flexible node declaration and creation

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